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Meet Penny

Penny grew up farming and ranching in Montana. Her parents were life-long Democrats who she still looks up to and tries to emulate their thoughtful, informed responses to life. They are also responsible for Penny's  ‘I can do that’ attitude in every situation-- and her persistence.

Penny has had a diverse career and what she calls a “lifelong addiction to learning” collecting four college degrees (Math, Computer Science, Space Studies and GIS) and two professional certifications along the way. In her career, Vossler has taught Math in public schools, worked as a volunteer EMT, served as an Associate Scientist on a NASA satellite project, worked as a software test engineer and technical writer, and spent seven years in cartography while living in Colorado. Since relocating to Iowa, Vossler has served as the GIS Coordinator for Boone County which has been her favorite job ever.

Shortly after moving, Penny began attending Boone County Democrats Central Committee meetings. She ran the GOTV for the Boone County Democrats in 2016 and shortly after was elected Vice-Chair. She chaired the 2020 caucuses and County Convention. She is also chair of the Iowa GIS Consortium.

Outside of her professional career and work with the Boone County Democrats, Penny has two old children and one truly outstanding grandchild. 

Check out an article about my bid for House District 48:


“I’m running for the Iowa House because Boone and Story County residents need a strong, independent and thoughtful representative,” added Vossler. “Iowans deserve to have a state government that works for them and delivers on the issues that affect their lives. We have work to do to fully support Iowa public schools, ensure workers are being paid a fair and livable wage, and make sure that quality, affordable healthcare is available to everyone. I’ve worked hard for Boone County for nearly 8 years, improving processes and the public’s access to information 24/7. I would like to take that work ethic to Des Moines and continue to make a difference in the lives of the residents of the new House District 48.”

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